Rants of a Female Hockey Fan 4

The Lightning are against the Canadiens tonight! Easy win? I THINK SO!! We have lost our last 4, and now I think its time to get our wins. That was just our little losing binge, don’t expect it so happen again! I’ll be in the crowed cheering on the guys, and of course BOOing the crap out of P.K. Subban (another one of those players that I loath).

Lightning > Canadien

Carolina < New Jersey

NY Rangers < Boston

Buffalo < Ottawa

Washington > Florida

Philadelphia > Winnipeg

San Jose > Nashville

How are those for picks?

I really wish I did fantasy hockey again this year, but I totally decided not to do it because of the shortened season… Now I have to wait till next year. Though, most of the players I would have picked aren’t playing so well – What is up with that?!



Rants of a Female Hockey Fan 3

So this weekend, wow. The Lightning had QUITE the road trip. So as I’m mopping, I figured, maybe I should go do something… So I decided to try roller hockey… First of all, I tried Ice skating recently, I hugged the wall ALOT. Then I figured I could try roller. Oh, and by the way, I haven’t been on inline skates in 8 years. Oh lord.

So I go out there with my significant other (whom plays roller and ice hockey), and well… At first I was like “WHOA”, then I got it. Passing and receiving the puck is super hard. I eventually got my grip on it though. Then we decided to try teaching me how to shoot. “Poor form, poor form”. My puck probably goes 10 mph… I got the slap shot, I got a 1 timer (Ha, my coordination skills are hilarious), then I tried doing a wrist shot for literally an hour. I could NOT get that puck in the air. Heal-to-toe, heal-to-toe, poor form, STOP AIMING AT ME, heal-to-toe, AHHHHH. I had nightmares about him saying that to me over and over.

Oh and I decided to skate around and try to receive passes (TRY TRY TRY), I went behind the net to got the puck that I totally didn’t receive, and well, I’M BLAMING LEAVES BEING ON THE RINK!!! I totally fell right on my tail bone! I was wearing gloves and still bruised up my entire hand. Now, today I’m wasting my time writing this and grimacing at my hand. My side muscles hurt, and my arms hurt…. And this is my first day.. I really think I am going to continue learning. ITS ALOT OF FUN…

So after saying all that… Hockey players gained another whole level of respect from me. How do they receive the puck like its so easy!? I still have yet to get air on a wrist shot… Maybe next weekend… But since I fell, I’m making myself skate everyday after work… Enough about me!

Guy Boucher’s face had me laughing for 2 whole days, and I still chuckle every time I think about him impersonating the refs… Ah… Now what do my guys have to do to get off this winning streak.. OH I KNOW!! Play at home vs the Canadiens. WOOO! I always think they are going to figure it out…  But last nights game vs the Rangers was EMBARRASSING!

Syracuse has been doing pretty awful too. At least Namestnikov got himself in a bout. I was proud of the kid! Honestly, I didn’t have time this weekend to watch any other hockey or read pro hockey… Though I did read about the two Avs players fighting during a practice and chuckled a bit.

Ah…. Hopefully this will be a better week…


Rants of a Female Hockey Fan 2

The Philadelphia Flyers! Holy crap! I think it takes alot out of a Tampa Bay Lightning fan to admit fandom to these guys. But I have to admit, whenever a Lightning game isn’t on, I immediately turn to a Flyers game. I used to say it was because I hated them so much that I hoped they would all get injured or get a misconduct out of whatever game they are playing in… But then one day my significant other started bashing on Scott Hartnell and Claude Giroux, and instead of  cracking up and bashing them along with him, I was defending them. WHOA! I am a secret Flyers fan. Are you kidding?

I’m not sure I’m a fan because they are a “good team” or because they are an “entertaining team”, but I really do like those two. I like Ilya “Mr. Universe” Bryzgalov too, only because he really seems like a good guy, and sometimes I think the poor guy made a mistake leaving Pheonix. (Though I have to admit that I AM SO happy that Mike Smith is doing so well over there, he truly is a nice guy).

Anyways, I hope they do well against the Panthers (The most laughable team in the league, minus the stachiest man in the league), and I can’t wait to see the next Lightning vs Flyers game.

As for the Lightning, we play the New Jersey Devils tonight. I have to admit, we just lost our last two games tightly, mostly over stupidity… And now we have to take on a team that I think is equally hard to beat. I hope our guys get their heads on right and step it up. What happened to playing hard and fast, making passes that I didn’t think were even possible? None of that happened in the past two games. NOTHING connected, things HAVE to connect this time and Vinny can’t get into a fight 6 minutes before the stupid period ends when we are down 1. ARGHHHH.

Makes me rage so hard. I love my team, but I was about to throw things at the T.V. They have everything it takes to win, and I know we cant win EVERY game, but did we HAVE to lose to the RANGERS and the FLYERS? SERIOUSLY?

Sorry to all that read this! Ha.


Rants from a female hockey fan?

Is this even possible? I’d really like to start blogging about the hockey world, I’m just to worried about being made fun of to much. But I guess that is the point isn’t it? Any tips on starting to blog? Figured I’d make a hobby out of it.

I’m a huge Tampa Bay Lightning fan, but I also enjoy alot of other teams (Blues, Flyers, Avalanche, Kings, Canucks, being the biggest ones). And sorry, I am a hard core hater of the Penguins, Canadiens and Bruins (But I guess that’s because I’m a Lightning fan?).

I do keep it real though. If one of my guys did something horrible, I admit to it (unlike most fans who have to justify everything). For example, 2/5/2012 Lightning vs Flyers, the Rinaldo vs Crombeen fight and the Vinny vs Talbot fight. I think both of them were complete idiots. Both for punching when a man is obviously down, and especially our beloved Vinny for fighting at a dumb time (down 1 point, not very much time on the clock… Gee Vinny, I’m sure you would have done more damage on the ice than in the box…)

Anyways, hopefully I can get around to continue writing these things up!

Thanks for reading my first little post,